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Illegal Dumping

It is dumping of any waste, whether it is oil, furniture, appliances, trash, litter or landscaping cuttings, etc., upon any public right-of-way, City property or private property, without consent of the owner or property manager.

Most Bay Area cities patrols neighborhoods daily to deter illegal dumping and investigate citizen complaints. Community help is essential to catching and deterring illegal dumps.

In many cases, illegally dumped items tend to be bulky, tables, chairs, mattresses, couches, and appliances.


Here are some ways to discourage illegal dumping:

  • Light outdoor areas around your home and property

  • Maintain clear sight lines so you can monitor from inside your home

  • Use surveillance cameras to record illegal dumping

  • Define your property boundaries with plants, paving, short walls or fences

  • Trim bushes to 36 inches high and tree limbs 7 feet from the ground, cut weeds and maintain a clean environment

  • Remove graffiti within 24-48 hours


What are my options for getting rid of debris with Bay Area Waste Services?



Its a simple 3 step process:


Step 1:

We snap a picture of the items

Step 2:

Send you a quote

Step 3:

Removal within 24-48 hours

Bay Area Waste Services Logo, trash and recycle cart
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