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Official Letter from City of Oakland on Push and Pull Charges

What is Push and Pull Service?

Our team will move your containers and place them safely curbside so your

scheduled trash or recycling hauler can service the bins.  Once emptied, our

team will place the dumpster or carts back to their original location. 

Push and Pull Service also called Backyard Service, Porter Service or

Scout Service is an emerging service that more facilities are discovering

to be a valuable resource, which can reduce injury, save money, and provide

a safe and accessible solution from trash haulers and users.  We manually

move your containers to the curb.  For heavy containers, we utilize special

tuggers or for heavy containers, we provide SCOUTSERVICE using a specially

designed truck that lifts and safely transports your dumpster to the curb. 

Visit to learn more.

Many cities have become more focused on implementing Push and Pull Fees, but many building owners are unaware they have options when it comes to choosing your vendor.  

City of Oakland was one of the first major cities to implement the Push and Pull Charges.


Click here to read the formal letter from the City of Oakland.

How can Push and Pull service save my property money?

Many waste haulers have added push and pull fees or backyard service fees to your municipal franchise rates.  BA Waste can provide the push and pull service at a fraction of what you may be paying.  Our average customer saves $2400+ per year.  

In addition saving money thorough our reduced push and pull rates, we perform a light sweep up after every service day.  We are also the additional eyes and ears at your property to help monitor overflow, illegal dumping, graffiti, rodents, and report miss pickups, or other related items that would either result in added trash collection or unexpected maintenance cost.

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What properties can you serve?

Our customer come in many forms.  If you generate trash and need to place your bin, dumpster or carts at the curb for collection, we are here for you.  Our typical customer are Apartment buildings, Condominiums, Commercial Buildings, Retail Shopping Centers, Restaurants, and other properties that generate waste on a weekly basis.

What cities do you service​?

We service the entire Bay Area, from Alameda County to San Mateo County. Oakland to Berkeley, Hayward to Palo Alto, Emeryville to San Francisco. We operate 6 days a week throughout the East  Bay, but no city is off limits.  We are constantly expanding and looking at ways to serve our customers where ever they need us.

Bay Area Waste Services Logo, trash and recycle cart
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