“BA Waste Services combines friendly service with technology, saving us money and elimination frustration.  We call them our trash ninjas!  Don’t hesitate, you’’ be happy you hired them.”

-Sara May

Property Manager


Customer Since 2016

What a few of our wonderful customers are saying"

“The response time when I make phone request equals to the light of speed.  Amazing.  I cherish this young and healthy spirit of BA Waste"

-Tomoko Nakama


Lakehurst Hotel

Customer Since 2017

“We have used BA Waste for about 2.5 years and they have been reliable and have never missed a day for hauling out the cans.  Cans have always been neatly lined up on the curb.  When the recycling and garbage pick-up were changed to different days of the week, BA Waste was flexible with the new schedule.  I met Peter and Brandon, and they were both approachable if you have questions/concerns.”

-Kathy Ma

Apartment Owner

Merritt Apartments

Customer Since 2016

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